2020 OBC Sweets

OBC Mystery Box Donation Order Form
1 Box is ¥3,000.  Multiple box orders are possible.  

Please note: Goods will not be sent until payment is received.

ミステリーボックス Mystery Box

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(◎ゆうちょ銀行・当座・店名:〇一九店・番号:0007262 口座名義:奥多摩バイブルシャレー
◎郵便振替口座:・ ゆうちょ銀行 郵便振替口座 00100-7-7262  口座名義:奥多摩バイブルシャレー)

**This order is not complete until payment has been sent.

Payments can be made at our financial institution accounts
Japan Post Bank Postal transfer account 00100-7-7262
Yucho Bank: Current Account (当座預金): 019 Branch, Account Number: 0007262
Account name: "Okutama Bible Chalet"