Payment Methods

Payment methods for Camp Fees

Payment of Camp fees for OBC sponsored camps are as follows: 

No Registration fee is required in 2016. But, we must received a completed Registration Form.

(If you prefer, you may send the full camp fee by the methods shown below)

Please pay in Japanese yen if at all possible. (Payments in dollars are accepted for Joy Bible Camps only. But, that payment must be made at registration on the first day of camp.)     

Method 1:  Cash payment at Registration on the first day of camp. Only registration is required.


Pre-payment Methods (if you desire to pay before camp starts, registration is still required)

The post office charges a fee for both methods shown below.  It is our experience that Method 1 has the smaller fee.  

Method 2:  Postal Furikae (post office bank transfer)
A.  Register your child for camp using this website or mail a registration form to OBC.
B.  Send the camp fee for each camper through the post office to OBC by Postal Furikae to the account below.
Please indicate the camper’s name(s) and the camp(s) for which you are registering on the “Comments” section of the furikae form.
          Postal number: 00100-7-7262         Camp Account: Okutama Bible Chalet

Method 3:  Genkin Kakitome (postal money envelope)

 Send the registration form and camp fee to OBC  using a postal money envelope (genkin kakitome fuutou) to Okutama Bible Chalet, 3-839 Yugi Machi, Ome Shi, Tokyo To 198-0064


Regardless of the payment method,  OBC will send out a Confirmation letter by mail (Kuroneko Takkyubin), along with additional information after your registration form is received.