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Please submit a separate registration form for each camp and each camper. 

(Use the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the form or the ‘save’ button at the top.)

Insert ‘na’ in fields which do not apply.


Registration Form

Registration Form for OBC Sponsored Programs

Program for which you are registering:

If registering for Father/Son Outdoor Camp be sure to register each camper separately; i.e. father and each child separately.

Camper's Last Name 
Camper's First Name 

Gender of Camper 

Camper's Birth Date mm/dd/yyyy

Must include birthday for camp insurance purposes.

School year

How did you find out about this camp? Friend? Teacher? Web? Please give this info in the block below

Address (include Street address, City, Prefecture and Postal Code or it's equivalent )

Fulltime Christian Worker?
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Email Address

Note to OBC

Use this space for other information that may be helpful in the registration process.