Special Winter Rates

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Special Winter Rates 

Per Person

Over Night + 2meals
Over Night v+ 3meals

Over Night




Day Camper










Elem. School Child








3-5 Years Old








 ・Check in at 3PM and out at 2PM (See overtime Charge below)
・When BBQ is requested at lunchtime, the dinner price will be charged.

1Number of rooms allocated without room charge

・1~5 people:1room ・6~10 people:2rooms ・11~15 people:3rooms ・16~20 people:4rooms ・21~25 people:5rooms ・26~30 people:6rooms

・31~35 people:7rooms ・36~40 people:8rooms ・41~45 people:9rooms ・46 + all Sawai & Mitake rooms, up to 75 people

2,Worship Center , Meeting Room , Lounge

Worship Center
PerPerson For overnight programs For day programs
Adult ¥300 ¥200
Elm. Shool Chid ¥200 ¥100
3-5 Year Old ¥100 ¥50

・Chapel Use
For groups wanting to use the worship center (second and third floors) of the chapel building , there is an additional per person charge as follows.

・Meeting Room
Your group will be assigned one meeting area, either the Worship Center in the chapel (chapel building second and third floors), the Sawai House meeting room and Fireside Lounge (first floor) or the first floor dining room and lounge of the Chapel building.

・Exclusive Use Fee  Group of 70 or more may have exclusive use of OBC facilities.
Smaller groups may pay to have exclusive use if desired.  The formula for determination of the exclusive use fee is: (70- actual number of participants) × 3-5 year old day rate  × number of days.



omehouse Room Charge , Optional Room Charge

Chuarge Room Charges Optional Room Churges
Ome House Sawai House Mitake House
¥500 X Room #4,6,7 X
¥1,000 Room #2-7 Room #1-3,5 Room #1-3
¥1,500 Room #1 X  X
         (Ome House Room #1 has private toilet and shower )
・According to the size of your group , OBC automatically allocates the use of a certain number of rooms without room charge.

・If your group wants to use more rooms ,there will be an Optional Room Charge for the additional rooms.
(If you are asked to use more rooms for OBC’s convenience , there will be no optional room charges for the additional rooms)

Other Charges

Registration Deposit

Group of up to 50


Group 50 or more


 Per use


Digital Projector
DLP Projector
Per day
Overtime Charges
Per Hour 1-5c


6-10 people
11-30 people


Over 30 people


Must be in conjunction with day or overnight program.